YouTube TV Review: The Best (and Cheapest) TV Option for the Casual Sports Fan


YouTube TV Review: Cut the Cord, Save Money & Still Watch Sports

In 2018, I finally did what millions of Americans had been doing. Something I thought I never would do. I cut the cord. Like most people, I was getting fed up with cable companies and was sick of paying hundreds of dollars a month for channels and services I didn’t use. But as a sports fan, I wasn’t ready to give up the big games. In my YouTube Review, you’ll find out why it is the absolute best and most affordable option for the casual sports fan (and really anyone).

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Why I Chose YouTube TV: The Cost


There are tons of non-cable TV options to choose from, but I went with YouTube TV for one reason, the cost. The $64.99 per month price tag might scare you, until you realize you can split that with 2 other people, bringing your share down to just $21.67 per month. Here is the thing. YouTube TV offers up to 6 accounts as a family group, all with their own login and unlimited DVR library. But the fine print (and I learned this the hard way) only allows 3 of the accounts to stream simultaneously. We ran into constant issues of the system kicking us off. The easy fix was to break off into groups of 3. Ultimately we found ourselves a great deal, a legitimate TV service for a little over $20, not much more than you are probably paying for Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Spotify. 

Why I Stuck with YouTube TV: The Convenience


YouTube TV offers 85+ channels, including all the major networks national sports are featured on like ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, ESPN, NFL Network, NBA Network, MLB Network, Golf Channel and TNT (to name just a few). It even has most local or regional sports stations. For the full channel lineup in your area, plug in your zip code here. What I absolutely love about YouTube TV is how convenient the service is to watch. I can watch from my phone, from anywhere, at anytime. I’ve spent countless hours watching early playoff baseball games or golf tournaments during work or that huge annual college football game during a poorly timed Fall Saturday wedding. As long as you have an internet connection, you won’t miss a down. Don’t worry though, you can still watch on the big screen as YouTube TV is supported on every major streaming device, including Roku, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, etc. A full list of devices can be found here.

The Bottom Line: YouTube TV was the Right Call

After cutting the cord back in 2018, I haven’t once looked back. YouTube TV was absolutely the right call. For a little over $20 a month, I get access to every channel pretty much anyone would need, at anytime. Add in unlimited DVR, all the major national sports stations and you really can’t beat it. YouTube TV is offering a free 2-week trial. Before you cut the cord or switch from another service, give it a try and see if you like it as much as I do. I think you will. 

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