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Ever wondered how to stay at a 5-star all-inclusive resort using only points? Or maybe what it’s like flying in the times of COVID? Primed Finds is dedicated to unearthing and sharing the ultimate hacks and how-tos with our readers. Whether it’s back-door strategies, or sharing our own experiences from entertainment to travel. Whatever your interests may be, we promise one of our writers will cover something that will catch your attention.

When it comes to our hacks and how-tos, each one of our authors likes to bring a little something different to the table. To learn more on what to expect from each of our authors, check out the About page. We know it can be tough to stay up to date by checking the site everyday, but don’t worry! You can easily keep up with Primed Finds on Facebook and Instagram, where we regularly post new deals, lists, reviews, and much more.

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