Finds Primed For Parents: The Best White Noise Machine for Babies (And Ultimately, for You)

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Around 11-½ months ago, my wife and I welcomed our first child into the world. And what a joy it’s been…watching our son grow and develop into a tiny little person. But much like many other first-time parents, we were quite nervous about his arrival. We read just about every baby book under the sun and were constantly bombarded with advice from family, friends, and colleagues. We asked ourselves, were we ready to take on the biggest responsibility of our lives? Well, the short answer is no. And I don’t have any problem admitting that. Parenting is a learning process and I, for one, have learned a lot over the first year. So in honor of my son’s 1st birthday, I’m introducing a new blog series to Karl’s Korner. I’ll be sharing tips, tricks and helpful products that have helped me get through our first year of parenthood. Now sit back, relax, and get ready to plunge face-first into this smash cake of a blog series titled Finds Primed for Parents. #FPFP

The Best White Noise Machine for Babies

Getting Baby to Sleep...So You Can Do the Same

My wife and I both value our sleep. We work hard and we play hard. And prioritizing good rest has become an important part of our lifestyle. So naturally, that was one of our initial concerns after our little guy was born. 

What we have learned over the past year is that the best time for personal rest is when the baby’s sleeping.  And much like his parents, baby seems to have an easier time falling and staying asleep with the help of white noise.

Not All White Noise Machines Are Created Equal

White noise machines have been around for decades. But not all are created equal. Some emit a soothing humming sound, while others mimic sounds of nature…an evening thunderstorm in the mountains, or waves crashing on a beach. Unbeknownst to me, was an entirely new category of white noise generators specifically geared towards infants. And it makes perfect sense as to why these exist. Think about it. How do you expect a newborn to be soothed to sleep by a sound they have never heard before in their lives? These machines emit sounds that mimic the mother’s heartbeat or breathing–a sound much more familiar to an infant than birds chirping on a spring morning. 

Our Favorite White Noise Machine for Babies: The Baby Shusher for Babies

Under the guidance of one of our relatives, we decided to add the Baby Shusher for Babies to our baby shower gift registry. Let me tell you…this thing works. And it’s simple. It does exactly what the title implies. Using a real human voice, it emits a “shushing” sound every couple seconds. I swear, it sounds just like me if I were the one doing the “shushing”. It features a built-in timer which you can set to either 15 or 30 minutes to conserve battery life. However we find that our little one is fast asleep by the time it shuts itself off. The mere fact that this little miracle machine runs off of batteries is a huge plus on its own. It leaves less cord clutter and makes it super portable when we are on the go. And did I mention that it comes with a nifty little carrying strap that can easily be clipped onto a bassinet or car seat for long car rides? 

This thing is awesome. If you have a baby that is having a hard time falling asleep, I highly recommend you giving the Baby Shusher a try. Check out the link below and start sleep training your baby today. 

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