Amazon Wedding Registry: Why You Absolutely Need One & 20 Items to Get You Started

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When tying the knot, an Amazon Wedding Registry is super convenient

Like many couples across the globe, my fiance and I have had to move our wedding due to the pandemic. Because of the change in dates, and all the extra time we have had on our hands this year, we’ve been able to focus on some things that we probably wouldn’t have otherwise, like our registries. When we first started looking into it, we went with the typical big box retailers and department stores. However as we discovered the Amazon Wedding Registry and weighed the pros and cons, we knew we had to take advantage.

The Top 5 Reasons to Use an Amazon Wedding Registry

I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know Amazon did wedding registries (of course they do, they do everything). Needless to say, we still have registries for some specific items that we really want at places like Bed Bath and Williams Sonoma, but the bulk of our items are on Amazon. I would highly recommend you create one too if you are getting married. Check out why, along with some great Amazon Wedding Registry ideas that we added to our registry, below. It is super easy and completely free to create a wedding registry. 

#1 - The MASSIVE Selection

A huge reason to use Amazon for your registry comes down to the same reason we all use Amazon for everything else, the huge selection (and low prices). With millions of items, in virtually every category, Amazon has by far the widest selection of products compared to any retailer that you can add to your wedding registry. 

#2 - Group Gifting

Group Gifting is an amazing feature offered on the Amazon Wedding Registry and is something that your guests will love. Group Gifting allows guests to contribute whatever amount they want to higher priced items. Above all, this makes things super convenient for both you and your guests. Group Gifting eliminates the need for friends wanting to split a gift to have to use something like Venmo to split the costs. 

#3 - A Super Easy Return Policy

Items purchased by your guests for your Amazon Wedding Registry are returnable for up to 180 days. Additionally, rather than getting “store credit” to a retailer like Macy’s, you’ll receive an Amazon gift certificate in the amount of the gift returned. This could be one of the biggest reasons to use Amazon over the others. Because you aren’t restricted to the smaller selections of more niche retailers when using your “store credit”. 

#4 - Discounts on Unpurchased Items

It is rare that everything on your registry is purchased up by your guests. This is why I love that Amazon offers a 20% discount for items that are left unpurchased after your wedding. If you are a prime member, that translates to savings up to $300. Full details of the offer can be found here

#5 - A Personalized Landing Page for Your Amazon Wedding Registry

Unlike many other retailers, Amazon gives you several options to personalize your wedding registry landing page. For instance you can customize your URL. Or you can upload pictures, add notes, and highlight your favorite items. This alone is a great reason to start an Amazon Wedding Registry, to make things a little less vanilla. I’m sure your guests will appreciate it too. 

20 Great Items We Added to Our Amazon Wedding Registry

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