Meet the PrimedFinds Team

One thing that most of us can agree on is that the year 2020 is not going as we might have planned, creating new and unpredictable challenges in many aspects of our lives.

As a group of brothers, living across nearly every corner of the country, we’ve found news ways to connect, to share resources and to help others along the way. Now, we’re bringing the “primed finds” that initially came out of hundreds of texts, phone calls and “House Parties” straight to you.

At PrimedFinds, we focus on publishing advice to help make your already complicated lives just a little bit easier, a little bit less expensive, and a little bit more manageable… so you can focus on what really matters to you: your health, your happiness, your family, your day-to-day needs, or whatever else floats your boat. In the meantime, we’ll be here…scouting the web for the answers you need, so you’re primed to make the right decision.

Karl is a new dad living in Texas, so he’s looking for ways to stay healthy, stay out of the Texas heat and stay sane, all while balancing work and parenthood. Karl’s your guy, if you find yourself looking for the following:

  • Primed gear for your next outdoor adventure…what to wear, how to outfit your car, camping or road trip must haves, best hiking or camping products, firing up the grill and so much more.
  • Primed ways to stay in shape, fit in a quick workout (pun intended) or incorporate wellness into your day-to-day, while at home.
  • Primed dad stuff…for cool dads, goofy dads and dads that think Karl’s taste is anything but mediocre.
  • Primed at-home tech, especially as it relates to good tunes, good TV and good atmosphere.
  • Primed products for “making,” crafting and being creative, including woodworking and gardening.
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As a Philadelphia transplant, Max moves at a fast pace and makes the most out of all the City of Brotherly Love (or wherever wanderlust takes him next) has to offer. He has your back when it comes to good eats, stiff drinks, action-packed travel and wild experiences. You’ll likely find Max offering up the following:

  • Primed gear for meals in, meals out and food and beverage experiences delivered right to your doorstop.
  • Primed ways to throw a killer party…or bring the party anywhere you go.
  • Primed opportunities to save on travel, explore the country and the world and to do it in style.
  • Primed ideas for date nights, bachelor party tips, music festival must haves and more.
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Rob lives in California and fully adopted its laid-back vibe. Like Max, Rob has the best answers when it comes to travel hacks. He’s also your best bet if you’re looking for any way to save money, whether it’s through deals online shopping or sign-up bonuses.

  • Primed finds on the best discounts, cash-back, and rewards shopping
  • Primed travel hacks, including the best credit cards, loyalty programs and hidden gems to make traveling less stressful and less expensive.
  • Primed tech-related finds and deals that you won’t find anywhere else on the web.
  • Primed tools for saving money, earning a little extra “side-hustle” money, or protecting your money.
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Hang out. Tell us what you think. Welcome to the PrimedFinds fam.